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Mulching to Make Your Yard Pop

Mulching is a great way to make your yard look clean and professional, adding dark, contrasting colors to your sea of green and other bright colors. However, properly installed mulch also brings some serious benefits to your flower beds, and around the base of your trees and shrubs. Our team at Hope Lawn Care will deliver and install the mulch of your choice to help take your yard to the next level.

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Mulching Services in Winston-Salem, NC

wheel barrow with mulch beside a mulched flower bed

Mulching is the process of spreading any material over the surface of your soil. Mulching in Winston-Salem typically consists of applying shredded or chipped bark, but can also include straw, pine needles, and other organic materials. Our team of lawn care technicians in Winston-Salem will happily install mulch in your flower beds, around trees, shrubs, and hedges.

When you work with Hope Lawn Care for mulching in Winston-Salem, you can expect the following from our team:

  • A mulch consultation. We will walk you through your options and help pick the mulch that best fits the aesthetics of your lawn.
  • Fast and friendly mulch delivery and installation. Once your choice of mulch has been selected, we’ll work with our local supplier to quickly obtain the materials needed for the job. We then apply the correct amount of mulch in the desired areas around your property.
  • A thorough clean-up. Depending on the mulch material selected, mulching can be messy work. We make sure to thoroughly pick up around the edges of your flower beds and anywhere else mulch was applied to ensure a crisp and professional-looking yard.
  • A free mulch refresh, as needed. If mulch is thin, washes away, or improperly installed, we will do a mulch refresh for free, meaning that when you choose Hope Lawn Care, you can trust that your results will exceed your expectations. 


What are the Benefits of Mulch?

Mulch does more than give your lawn a clean and fresh appearance. There are many benefits to applying mulch around your Winston-Salem home. These benefits include:

  • Retaining moisture in your soil, resulting in less water and healthier plants. 
  • Suppressing weeds, meaning less time pulling weeds all year long.
  • Insulting your soil, keeping the soil cooler in the summer, and helping to prevent frost in the winter.

Organic mulches can also help improve the structure of your soil, providing more organic material as your mulch breaks down over time, and can help with drainage and your soil’s ability to retain nutrients

When to Mulch Your Yard

Mulch is typically applied in mid to late spring but can be applied any time during the year when done properly. At Hope Lawn Care, we only need to mulch your yard once a year and recommend having it reapplied the following year to keep your yard looking fresh and well-maintained. 

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Common Types of Mulch for Winston-Salem Homes

There’s a wide variety of mulch available for homes in the Winston-Salem area. When choosing mulch, it’s important to know the pros, and possible cons, of each type of mulch. This is where our team of lawn care technicians comes in. We’re more than happy to walk you through your mulch options and help pick the mulch that works best for you and your yard. Some of the common types of mulch for Winston-Salem homes are:

  • Shredded or chipped bark. This mulch comes in a variety of natural colors ranging from red to dark brown. 
  • Pine needles or straw. Pine needles are a popular choice for homes and act as an excellent insulator for your soil.
  • Dyed mulch. For homeowners with a specific vision in mind, dyed mulch may be the choice for you. Dyed mulch comes in unique colors like green and purple. 

Why You Should Choose Hope Lawn Care

Hope Lawn Care is a locally and family-owned social enterprise in Winston-Salem. We offer custom services for each client and our mulching services are guaranteed, meaning that if you’re unhappy with your service, we will rush back and do whatever is needed to make the situation right. Customer service is a pillar of who we are. Our lawn care technicians are always kind, always respectful of your time, and always make sure our communication is clear and consistent. If you’re ready for the best mulching service in Winston-Salem, you can trust Hope Lawn Care to get it done! 

Aside from Winston Salem, we also offer mulching in these other towns in the NC Piedmont: 

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